Væggen / The Wall 2009 | role: UX

THE WALL in Copenhagen is a 12 meter long installation with 4 large multi touch plasma screens, that allow visitors to navigate through a virtual Copenhagen. The cityscape is constructed with the Copenhagen Museum's image collection, which includes historic as well as contemporary images.

Visitors can view each media item that makes up the city in detail, read its description, comment, and add their own images and videos to the museum's collection. The Wall has won 4 major international awards, and another touch Wall is coming to Cairo. Read more

The Wall has a website that shares the installation's database. Both website and installation allow the user to navigate through a poetic cityscape of Copenhagen, based on the Copenhagen Museum's image collection. The user can view and learn about the individual media items, add written or video comments and upload their own images and videos.

The Wall and the Copenhagen Museum are one and this is reflected in the website. Users can wander into the museum part of the site and back into the virtual city.

The first image is a wireframe and the second one the website as it was implemented.